Gateway Paw House - Pet Grooming and Dog Day Care in St Petersburg FL 33702


The Gallery

Full service Pet Grooming and Doggy Daycare


Monday thru Friday
Dog Day Care : 7:00am – 7:00pm
Pet Grooming : 8:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday8:00am – 4:00pm
Sunday: Closed


Gateway Paw House

8100 4th Street North
St Petersburg FL 33702


Phone: (727) 667 – PAWS (7297)


A Fun Time at Gateway Paw House in St Petersburg FL

Personal Doggy Daycare and Pet Grooming

Happy Doggy Daycare Guests

Waiting for Their Snack

Plenty of Space for Our Guests to Play

Our Large Indoor Play Area

Hey, Come Over Here and Throw This for Me


Quietly Sitting in Cabana

Bruce Wayne

Racing to the Wading Pool

Bo, Olive and Boo Boo Girl

Playing in the Outdoor Area

Boo Boo Girl and Bo

Man, I Can’t Get This in My Mouth


Just Vegg’in Out

Milo and Boo Boo Girl

Man, I Feel so Clean and Refreshed!


Feeling Great! Getting Groomed and a Massage


Got Groomed Today. Aren’t We Cute?

Lilly and Boomer

Don’t I Look Cool with My Bandana?


A Little More Off the Top, Please.


All Clear for a New Day of Activity!

Outside Play Area

The Gang is All Here at Gateway Paw House in St Petersburg FL

Wrigley, Boo, Milo and Brady

Gracie Having a Blast at Dog Daycare | Gateway Paw House in St Petersburg FL


Lola and Gabriella’s First Day at Doggy Day Care

Lola and Gabriella

Spending a Dog’s Day at Gateway Paw House St Pete FL


Just Chill’in at Dog Day Care

Boo and Wrigley

Just Enjoying the Atmosphere at Gateway Paw House Doggy Day Care Center

Rylee, Milo and Charlie

Come Play Tug of War at Gateway Paw House’s Dig Daycare Center

Boo, Bowie and Wrigley

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